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Amazon Fresh reviews

3.0 4/23/2022
I very much enjoy food. Especially good food. When I found out there was an Amazon fresh store opening by my house, I was excited. I had never been to one. I am a fan of using technology to create systems that make things more efficient. Today I visited my first Amazon Fresh store and soon realized I had imagined something totally different. The store felt like a warehouse. There was no love in the produce department. Everything felt “too systematic.” When I think about what I am going to eat, I want fresh! I want to see a variety of fruits and vegetables. This location had the basics. Produce that didn’t belong in fridges was inside boxes. It looked as if it had been shipped from the other side of the world in massive quantities instead of quality and locally sourced. The “no check out” system was straightforward to use. Using your Amazon app, tap on the “In-Store” tab and scan the code at the entrance. To leave the store, you scan the same code. No lines, no bagging, just walked out to your car. Although technology is great for many things for my food, I want to feel like some work is put into it, from handpicking it to arranging it, etc. Produce employees are valuable in his department. The prices were just about the same as any other store with some items on sale. Amazon employees walked around the entire store, ensuring items were closer to the customer for easier reach. If you need a quick grab-n-go, the store has an area for cooked ready-to-go food and a salad bar. Alcohol was inside a closed-off area. I didn’t try going in, but you have to check in with a person first before entering. Age minimum, maybe? After walking out, I wondered about a receipt and noticed I had received a Welcome to Amazon Fresh email stating that they were working on my receipt and would let me know as soon as it was ready. I left the store at 5:39 pm and received my receipt at 8:54 pm. Oh, there is also an Amazon locker inside the store.
5.0 5/20/2022
Amazon ‘s new concept is very interesting. You put all of your items in the bag and it scans everything so you can walk out the door without checking out. The store is large and well stocked with lots of variety. My favorite part is when you ask the tablets to help you guide you to what you need. You simply ask Alexa - where can I find garlic(or something else). Alexa tells you what row to find your food! The prices are very good. The prepared food is delicious and abundant. Fresh foods, deli, bakery Check it out it’s a combination of Whole Foods and regular grocery items. And you can shop really fast there’s no checkout lines
2.0 5/22/2022
I like the convenience and the small staff is friendly. I'm nearby and have gone several times. The prices are more like going to a convenience store than a grocery store. I understand inflation, but I think Amazon Fresh could do a little better than this. I didn't like that within a week, their pizza slices, which are quite good, went from 1.49 to 1.79 to 1.99. Still a good deal for a decent slice but I don't like the manipulation...that's bait & switch. Too bad because it would keep me in the store if I go for a slice. Costco offers cheap concessions to keep people renewing their membership --but they don't raise the price. I thought AF was doing the same. But AF is just using a shady tactic which is a turn off to me. Don't be surprised if that same piece of pizza at AF becomes 3.99 slice as it is at Whole Foods which would not be a good value...good pizza but not worth that.
5.0 5/19/2022
Beautiful and clean store. Employees were very nice. Produce section nicely stocked, great deli section, and found everything I needed. Prices look the same as everywhere else but got a $10 off coupon for my next purchase. I'll definitively continue to buy at this new fresh store. 5 stars 🌟
3.0 4/23/2022
I am struggling to define why I would shop here again. Yes it's new and you don't have to go through a checkout but the store is very small which clearly impacts their product selection. More importantly the prices are higher than the existing stores they aim to compete with. Consistently higher and not by a small amount. Try it out to experience something new but don't expect the online Amazon prices on which they've built their reputation.


How many jobs are available at Amazon Fresh?

There are 2,983 open jobs at Amazon Fresh located at 26940 Crown Valley Pkwy, Mission Viejo, CA 92691, United States.

What roles Amazon is hiring at Amazon MSP9 in Brooklyn Park, MN?

Amazon Fresh has 23 amazon jobs, 16 warehouse jobs, 13 manager jobs at Amazon Fresh that is located at Amazon Fresh.

Are there any remote or work-from-home jobs at Amazon MSP9 in Brooklyn Park, MN?

Amazon Fresh doesn't have any work-from-home and remote jobs currently at Amazon Fresh in 26940 Crown Valley Pkwy, Mission Viejo, CA 92691, United States.

What's the address of Amazon MSP9 in Brooklyn Park, MN?

Amazon Fresh is located at 26940 Crown Valley Pkwy, Mission Viejo, CA 92691, United States and has 2,983 open jobs.

What skills are required to work at Amazon Fresh in 26940 Crown Valley Pkwy, Mission Viejo, CA 92691, United States?

There 2,983 open jobs at Amazon Fresh that require amazon, warehouse and manager skills.

How can I contact the direct HR in the facility?

The best way to contact HR and recruiting manager is by submitting an application at using the following URL:

When will I start my job at Amazon MSP9?

Check your email update the date set if already applied for a job at 26940 Crown Valley Pkwy, Mission Viejo, CA 92691, United States.

How can I apply for a amazon position at Amazon Fresh?

Go to the Amazon Fresh jobs page at and apply for the amazon jobs.

If wanted to apply to be a amazon at Amazon in Brooklyn park where could apply. Please send me the link if you could.

Go to the Amazon Fresh jobs page at, locate the amazon job you're looking to apply for and click apply.

How do i fill out a application? Or get the right phone number?

The best way to do it is to apply online at Go to, find the job you're interested in and click apply.